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This is the perfect opportunity for you to have a mobile app! We created an introductory offer to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, or any individual with an idea to finally have a chance to bring that idea to life! Start small and GROW BIG with our mobile app development services. What is mobile app development? It is what will give you the resource to help your audience solve a problem or optimize a process.

You don’t have to have an app that do multiple things in one app. Apps are best when they serve one purpose. If there are multiple problems you know your app idea can solve; this price is great for you to create multiple apps with solutions.

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What is mobile app development, anyway?!

Mobile application development = processes and procedures involved in writing software for portable computing devices like smartphones, tablets and watches.

The demand of mobile apps has escalated in all businesses. To keep businesses updated with the latest technologies, we become your accelerator to design and develop brilliant mobile apps from the ideas you have been sitting with. We offer mobile app development services for iPhone, iPad and Android.

These devices have literally become extensions of us in a large way. Our devices are being used more and more over our own desktop and laptop computers; we'd prefer to begin the work or finish the work on our devices while it is still fresh on our minds. Share on X It’s even more common to own a smartphone than a desktop or laptop computer.

More people have access to mobile apps

mobile-app-development-growthMobile technology and consumer habits are paving a new and exciting way to reach your customers. The possibilities are endless with the only limit being your creativity. Brands are able to reach customers through authentic communication that provides value and builds trust, rather than through a giant billboard in their face. For the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, 80% of their most active users will primarily use mobile to connect.

The power of mobile is changing the marketing game Share on X

Because of mobile app development,

  • 61% of emails are opened on mobile
  • 90% of text messages received are read within three minutes of receipt. These messages could be appointment reminders, promotions, or time-sensitive updates.
  • Mobile users are also 3x as likely to view a video than a desktop user
  • With an app, a customer has the ability to spend more time with your brand
  • About 49% percent of mobile users said push notifications cause them to use an app more

With all of this progression happening in the mobile technology, mobile is changing the marketing game! So what’s holding you back from getting a mobile app for your business?

3 Types of Mobile Apps

There are different types of mobile apps. Three types of apps to be exact!


Native apps are normally what you think about when you think about apps. They are available in app stores to install on your devices. They do not fully rely on web viewers built within the app to work. The cost is generally higher than a hybrid or web app starting at $8000 per platform. They are much like the familiar apps you are usually working with on your phone like the camera app the calendar app, the notes apps, the map app, Waze, or Pokeman Go.

Hybrid apps are like the native app + web app had a baby = hybrid app! It’s installed like a native app from the app stores, but it’s mostly web app inside which means it relies on a web viewer built within the app to work with some of the features. You still have access to the device’s features just as a native app. The cost generally starting at $3000 per platform. These apps are great to use for MVP (minimum viable product) for startups and if your goal is to put something usable into your users’ hands as quickly as possible. This option is also great if you’re short on resources or maintaining a minimal business budget, and if you need to create a simple version of your product that still provides value. The hybrid apps allow you to see whether people will download and use an app on their device; which makes it a great option to use before upgrading to a native app. Examples of hybrid apps are Evernote, Gmail, or Uber.

Web apps are typically responsive websites. They are not installed in the app stores. These apps are accessed through your device’s web browser. They totally rely on access to the internet in order to work. Progressive web apps are currently on a rise. We will talk more about this in later posts. Examples are Lancome, Twitter Mobile, Washington Post, and our favorite Paperplanes.world.

There are so many ideas and ways to put those ideas out into the world. Let any type of mobile app do that for you. Don't wonder about it anymore, just DO IT! Share on X

Can Mobile App Development Help Your Business?

Well, that’s a resounding YES! There are many larger companies that have all 3 types of mobile apps such as Walmart, Facebook, Twitter, to be sure to accommodate all of their users. Owning a mobile app all depends on how you’d like to market your business, how you’d like to help others, or how you’d like to entertain others. Our goal is to help your businesses grow through affordable mobile apps and mobile marketing with our mobile app development services! Give it some thought and grow with technology. Contact us today to see how your idea can come to life!

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We design and develop brilliant mobile apps from the ideas you have been sitting with. We offer mobile app development services for iOS and Android. Read more: http://virtualpea.com/what-mobile-app-development/

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